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OUR CRANES get the job done

With a Fleet of Liftra cranes we can handle any of your major component exchanges!

LT1000 self hoisting crane


Craneless Major Component Replacement


  • Eliminates the need for mobile cranes

  • Reduces mobilization scope and costs

  • Operates at higher wind velocities (up to 18 m/s gusts)

  • Install base in 1-2 days

  • Install crane, change major component and uninstall crane in 1 day

  • Uninstall base in 1-2 days

  • WLL 24 ton

Rotor Drop.PNG


Craneless Major Component Replacement


  • Lifts all major components, including gearboxes, generators, transformers, main bearings, and even rotors up to 72 tons

  • Changes blades and blade bearings up to 35 tons with the Blade Skylark

  • Transported in a single 40 ft container; crane base in a custom container

  • Compatible with LT1000 crane bases

  • Default reach of 7 m; can be extended to 10 m for lighter components

  • Plug-in Hybrid Battery, with option to hook into turbine

  • Operates at wind speeds up to 18 m/s

  • Full up-tower structure weighs 15-17 tons

  • Hub heights up to 170 m

  • Small footprint with single down-tower container

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